New Grip Solution: The 3-Finger Power Grip

3-Finger Power GripFor the past few weeks I have been having a little trouble finding the “sweet spot” for my grip.  I had been toying with the 4-finger grip with different thumb positions and different grip angles, but I was experiencing two occasional problems:  sometime the disc was slipping out to early, and sometimes “finger lock” was holding it in too long.  After analyzing the reasons for this I realized most was probably due to problems with my throwing motion, and not so much my grip.  But I think my grip and my throwing motion are somewhat intertwined.  So I have been attempting to find the right grip.  Today, I think I finally have converged on a grip that really seems to work for me: the 3-finger power grip.  Since I have changed my grip, my throwing motion has been smoother, and I haven’t been experiencing some of the early or late release problems.

What Else I Learned Today…

A well thrown Rampage will turnover nicely into a 15 mph headwind.  Today I had my best drive ever on Tom Bass Powell – Hole #11.  I parked the rampage literally 40 feet from the hole, a 434 ft par 3.

A Star Shark will hold a nice tight “S” line through the trees with a slight tail wind.  Today on hole #12, my shark would have landed right next to the pin if it had not hit a tree 20 ft before the hole, a 303 ft par 3.

The Nuke will go a mile when thrown with a tailwind from the right.  On hole #1, I threw my Nuke to within 35 ft of the hole, a 419 ft par 3, using a hyzer line through the trees with a 10-15 mph tailwind from the right.

The Drone can hold an anhyzer line when thrown with a steep anhyzer angle and there is a strong wind from left to right that gets under the flight plate.  This happened to me on my second shot on hole #16.

Bringing the disc in tight past my chest is key to straight throws.  I noticed on multiple occasions, when my throws went away from where I was aiming, I didn’t bring the disc in close to my chest, but instead let it get out away from me making the throwing motion more of an arc than a straight line.

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